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Hydroponic gardening is the process of gardening that utilizes mediums other than soil, especially those that are based in water. These could include sand, gravel and coconut fiber to name a few. This system of gardening is widely used for more efficient growth.

Studies have shown that plants grown in a hydroponic culture are more likely to grow 25% faster than in normal conditions and offer a greater yield by 30%. This is because in hydroponic settings, the plant can easily obtain nutrients instead of putting too much effort in pulling them out from the soil.

Other benefits of hydroponic gardening include utilizing less water as the environment is controlled to facilitate lower rates of evaporation. This process is also beneficial for the earth because there is less soil runoff. However, hydroponic gardening can be an expensive and risky process, so it is important to use the right kind of equipment for the best results.

Before moving onto the products, let us take a look at the different types of hydroponic gardening systems.

Types of Hydroponic Systems

There are many hydroponic systems that can be used for indoor gardening. These are some of them:

  • One of the most commonly recognized methods of hydroponic gardening is nutrient film technique or NFT, in which plant roots are held floating in water. The idea behind this phenomenon is to allow the plant to receive nutrients straight from the solution in which it is suspended.
  • Another hydroponic system is ebb and flow or a flood and drain system. This system works best for plants that grow in periods of dryness, as it works by flooding and draining the plant at regular periods dictated by a timer attached to the pump.
  • Regarded as one of the simplest ways for hydroponic gardening, deep water culture is known for being the one that requires the least amount of upkeep. It consists of a system that supplies nutrients to the plant via water that is oxygenated through the pump to keep the plant growing. This system does not do well in sunlight.

Hydroponic Grow Trays

Hydroponic trays or grow trays are an essential part of hydroponic systems. These trays are used as containers for the nutrients that the system is providing to the plant, so they vary depending on which hydroponic system is being used. For example, some trays might be designed for draining purposes, while others might be specifically for holding content, such as clay or pebbles.

Normally, these trays come as hollow rectangles and are used mostly in hydroponic gardening than other types of indoor gardening such as aeroponic systems. In ebb and flow systems, the plants are kept in a specific growing area where the nutrient solution is pushed in at intervals. In run-to-waste systems, the plants are kept in a sloping tray that comes with holes in the slope for drainage. Nutrients are added from the top which eventually drain as required. However, in deep water systems, there may be no use for a tray at all.

Here are some of the best hydroponic grow trays on the market currently:

12 of the Best Hydroponic Grow Trays for Your Indoor Garden

 NameSizesRatingMore Info
Black Plant Growing Trays – Living Whole FoodsBlack Plant Growing Trays – Living Whole FoodsFind Lowest Price
Seedling Starter Trays – Garland Seedling Starter Trays – Garland Find Lowest Price
Shallow Ultraweight Germination Trays – Second Sun Hydroponics Shallow Ultraweight Germination Trays – Second Sun Hydroponics Find Lowest Price
Plant Growing Trays – Supreme TrayPlant Growing Trays – Supreme TrayFind Lowest Price
Cube Seedling Propagation Trays – Bootstrap FarmerCube Seedling Propagation Trays – Bootstrap FarmerFind Lowest Price
Plant Growing Trays – Wild Green FingersPlant Growing Trays – Wild Green FingersFind Lowest Price
Plant Germination Drip Trays – Living Whole FoodsPlant Germination Drip Trays – Living Whole FoodsFind Lowest Price
Black Plastic Wheatgrass Growing Trays – Handy PantryBlack Plastic Wheatgrass Growing Trays – Handy PantryFind Lowest Price
Blue 1020 Growing Tray – Thunder AcresBlue 1020 Growing Tray – Thunder AcresFind Lowest Price
Grow Tray – BotanicareGrow Tray – BotanicareFind Lowest Price
Black Plastic Propagation Tray – Yield LabBlack Plastic Propagation Tray – Yield LabFind Lowest Price
Seedling Starter Trays – GunsamgSeedling Starter Trays – GunsamgFind Lowest Price

These trays come with holes for drainage that can be used multiple times. They are light weight, which makes them easy to use and clean out when done. They work best with Sure to Grow and Micro-Mats Hydroponic Pads. Overall, they are cheap and make the process economical.

Results have shown that these trays work best when planted with wheatgrass. However, some found them to be thin enough to tear easily and complained that the holes were too big to hold any substance long enough, which led to a lot of wastage. Some also found that they are not sustainable in greenhouses, so they can only work ideally in the dark.

These trays are made specifically for planting seedlings, so they are smaller in size than most grow trays. There are two sets of trays in one set: one with holes and one without. This system gives the user a choice on whether they want a drainage system or not. For best use, it is recommended to stack two of these trays together. They are made from polypropylene, which makes them durable.

Users have reviewed these trays to be quite long lasting and easy to move and claimed that the small size worked rather well for home gardening. They have used it to grow alfalfa sprouts and wheatgrass to name a few items.

Made from recycled plastic, these trays come with holes for drainage, which makes this product suitable to grow micro greens and wheatgrass as well as seedlings. Their construction also makes them very easy to clean and reuse.

They have been regarded as being sturdier than their competitors, working best for pea shoots and sun shoots as well as micro greens. They can also hold water properly and drain at appropriate speeds. As they are lightweight, they can be easily moved.

This product comes with drain holes and is reusable because of the material it is made out of. The construction is such that it facilitates cleaning. They are great for growing micro greens, wheatgrass and germinating seedlings and can also be used inside greenhouses, which makes them quite sturdy.

These trays have been used multiple times by customers, but some have had trouble doing so because they got damaged. Overall, they were found to be the exact size claimed by the description provided and work best when paired with Sure to Grow or Micro-Mats Hydroponic Pads.

This tray is specifically best for Rockwood cube plugs and soil blocks and comes highly recommended as a durable product. The drainage system here is different than previous trays, as it comes with mesh drains. These trays are completely flat and are great for planting seeds.

This product is also very compatible with burlap, as this makes the perfect environment for seed germination and growing micro greens as well as wheatgrass. Users have credited it for being thicker and made of better plastic than many similar products in the market, which makes it last longer. The mesh blocks also allow for healthy circulation for the plant seedlings.

These trays do not come with holes and can be kept at windowsills and in greenhouses because they are light enough to move around and won’t be ruined by the sun. As it comes in different sizes, the product can accommodate seeds and micro greens as well as salad leaves and herbs.

These trays are quite thin, which makes them lightweight and easy to carry around but also makes them susceptible to damage. As a result, they are not very durable and have been reported to break very easily. They can, however, hold water well.

Yet another set of trays that come without drain holes, these can be used both for hydroponic and non-hydroponic styles of growth. Thus, these trays can theoretically be used both indoors and outdoors. They can also work well as drains for others and are best for growing wheatgrass and micro greens among other products.

Reviews show that this product is in good, sturdy condition and can stay so if a little care is applied to it. However, some found it to be quite thin and lightweight, which exposes it to harm. Some have even reported that it can crack if not lifted gently.

Like most other hydroponic grow trays in the market, these trays claim to be durable and sturdy, which makes them ideal for growing wheatgrass, flowers and seedlings. They come with drain holes and can be used for both hydroponic and soil farming.

Customers have used these trays with grow mats and have had positive results, while there are some who are unable to find humidity lids for this particular size of trays to grow certain plants. Furthermore, there have been reports that one must treat these trays gently for them to last longer or else they are susceptible to damage.

This product comes in an array of different colors which makes the farming experience a little more colorful and fun. It has no drain holes and can hold solutions well. What is so great about these trays is that they come with a year-long warranty and are great for any kind of hydroponic growth project.

These trays have been widely regarded to be relatively sturdier than their competing products. While some have used them as drainage collectors for pots without issue, others have experienced wear and tear. Also, this product is more expensive than its competition but makes up for it according to reviews.

These trays come in a wide variety of sizes, which makes them easy to place and move around. The difference between these grow trays when compared with other products is that it does not have drainage holes but channels. The smooth plastic surface coupled with the high-quality plastic makes it very easy to clean and reuse. They come in both black and white colors.

Users have reported various discrepancies in size upon delivery, but their quality has been regarded to be top-notch, even in comparison with other similar products. There have also been reports of it being used both as a grow tray and a shallow fountain, which makes it ideal for all hydroponic cultures.

This tray is one of the higher rated ones in the market that are good for seed germination. These are straight trays that allow ease in cutting the plant once ready and are suitable for reuse as they are lightweight and are made from sturdy plastic.

The tray is also very accommodating when it comes to growing seedlings. It has no holes for drainage but works well as a drip tray and with grow mats and micro-mats. It also comes with perfectly-fitting domes that provide the plants the humidity they need for optimal growth conditions. The only issue that some people faced with this product is that the seal on the tray with the domes is not airtight.

These seedling trays come equipped with their own domes for inducing humidity for the plants with 12 sets per tray for the seeds. It offers the ideal area for a seedling to grow along with enough moisture. Each set has a drainage hole at the bottom to facilitate squeezing out any water if needed while the seedling is still in the tray. The trays also come with their own watertight base which collects the water from the drain holes in each set.

Even with the lid, it is easy to track the growth of the seedling as it is plastic and transparent. The dome is also higher than most currently in the market, which affords visibility for a longer time period. The only issue that some have faced with the product is that the dome does not adjust easily over the tray. Otherwise, it has been rated seedling-friendly as it requires extra attention which the dome and trays allow.

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